Marcel Friday Publisher of WhutUpDoe!

  • Marcel Friday, Publisher of WhutUpDoe!

    Age: 25

    High School: Southfield-Lathrup High School

    College: Baker College, Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts

    Neighborhood/City: McNichols & Conant to E. Outer Drive & Mound, to
    Telegraph & 12 Mile!

    How he’s making his mark on the city of Detroit:

    “I eat, sleep, and breathe Detroit. I love my city and everything about it. My website, WHUTUPDOE.COM, embodies and encompasses Detroit slang and talent and is set on propelling it to a national scene. With everything that the Detroit Hip Hop scene, and everyone in it, has given me I feel it’s my obligation to return the favor.”


    On why he chooses to stay in Metro Detroit:

    “It’s hard to imagine myself anywhere else. Sure, we’d all love to move to the Los Angeles’ and New York’s of the world. That’s great. But my heart will always be here in Detroit. Detroit is responsible for the person I am today”

    On how he accomplished his goals:

    WHUTUPDOE.COM puts a spin on things. We’re far from your typical Hip Hop website/blog. We embody everything that affects the urban community, with a Hip Hop appeal. From music and sports, to politics and religion, we have the most original content on the web”.

    On his favorite things about Detroit:

    “My favorite thing about the city is its bustling Hip Hop scene. I’m not talking about what you hear on the radio, but about what you SHOULD hear on the radio: Nick Speed, Black Milk, Royce Da 5’9″, BLAT! Pack, North Starz, Slum Village, DJ Dez, The Left, Danny Brown, Cold Men Young, Detroit CYDI, Phresh Heir, A.V. Club, Fat Ray, Nametag, J. DILLA, Street Justice, Buff1, Athletic Mic League, Magestik Legend, One Be Lo, Ro Spit, Monica Blaire, L’Renee, Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, Trick Trick, 5 ELA, D12, Fat Killahz… the list goes on!”

    On what he wishes you knew about Detroit:

    “I wish people knew what we were really about. I wish the media would take the time to properly cover and portray us. That’s why I’m excited about what Time Magazine has been doing here in Detroit with their Detroit Blog. It’s amazing to see such a publication see the need for us to be properly covered”.

    On future plans:

    WHUTUPDOE.COM is my future plan! Establishing a local brand on a national level is my goal. Whatever I can do to help better the situation of my city, is what I plan on doing from today on!”

    On his hopes for the city of Detroit:

    “What I hope is that Detroiters educate themselves more on the things that surround them and affects them. We’re in control of our destiny. We’re in control of our own future and the less action you take today, the more negativity happens tomorrow”.

    Marcel’s words of wisdom:

    “I hate to sound so cliche, but JUST DO IT! I sat on my dreams for years, living life unfulfilled. What are you waiting on? No one can make you happy but you!”

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