That's an aspect but OSRS gold not the entire thing

  • That's an aspect but OSRS gold not the entire thing. For example speeds reaches right? You require a good deal of understanding and ability of runescape to pull a world record off into a speed kill. However, the other side of accomplishing such speed kills are currently grinding hours and hours of the boss doing the same thing. Having options like with change scape takes away from that rng the more of this kill you can handle without using any food if at all. There in lies the battles, the tougher the boss that Jagex creates ideally the tougher it is not to bring some food. So folks that are far better have the choice of bringing in switches efficiently. You don't need to and you should not but you can. Collecting things, finding a niche use for these and optimising. This is part of the heart of Runescape, which is why ironman is satisfying because it emphasizes that fact. Of course there's a limit to that in case you don't need to and you do have to do change scape that is too much. You need to bring a switch. Ideally you need to bring planted feedvigour + adren pot that is simply because they are OP. You don't really even need to 4tick, but compulsively I get any enjoyment from it at this stage such that I try onto melee to 4tick. That brings me to my point. Beside planted feet/vigour/adren pot not many of the effort switches are required to perform high end pvm. With fundamentals you do not need to use them although it feels like it's because the people that you may appear to will optimise their setup. Buy OSRS gold